The District Key 3

Jane Doe

Kelli Rice

District Chairman

The district chair is the top volunteer Scouting leader of the district in a defined geographical area, whose job is to motivate a talented team of people. District chairs preside at district committee meetings and represent the district on the council executive board. They are responsible for the membership, program, and fund development functions of the district.

District Chairman - Contact Info
John Doe

Margaret Evans

District Commissioner

A district commissioner is the quality control officer who recruits, trains, and leads a staff of commissioners who coach adult leaders of every unit to succeed. The district commissioner is responsible for the unit service function of the district. They are approved and appointed by the council executive board, with the concurrence of the Scout executive, on the recommendation of the district nominating committee.

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Raymon Mesa

Raymond Mesa

Lead District Executive

The district executive is your best Scouting friend and counselor—the full-time professional in the district. He or she is employed by the council and works under the direction of the council Scout executive. The district executive welcomes all suggestions and knows that you will need close cooperation to get the job done through volunteers.

District Executive - Contact Info

Additional District Contacts

Name Position Email Phone
Taylor, Marcus District Committee 404-647-4668
Borja, Sean District Training Co-Chair 404-987-6543
Martin, Todd District Committee