Volunteer Opportunities

Why Volunteer?

  • It keeps Day Camp affordable
  • It is truly FUN!

Email: alisha.etheredge@gmail.com

All volunteers need to complete Youth Protection Training online (72 minutes) and attend the Volunteer training on Saturday, June 4th at 9:00 am.

Remember, if you have a rising 1st grader, that Tiger will need to have an adult partner all week, so this isn’t your year to volunteer. We hope you will love it and come back as a volunteer next year!

Volunteer Position Descriptions

Den Leader

Den Leaders travel with the same group of kids all week, helping them get to the right place, managing positive discipline, and overseeing lunch time. You’ll have a BSA Scout (older kid/teen) assigned to help you.

Activity Leader

Activity leaders work at different activity stations, like crafts, obstacle course, map reading, nature hike, STEM, and more. Do you have an area of interest or expertise you’d like to share? Let us know and maybe you can lead an activity sharing this with the Cub Scouts! These positions can be all week, just one day, or something in between. You’ll have BSA Scouts assigned to help you during the activity.

Craft Director

The Craft Director works with the Program Director to develop engaging arts and craft activities for the week. During the week, they oversee adult and youth volunteers who help them lead the Cub Scouts in these crafts.

Tot Lot Director

The Tot Lot director watches over younger, potty-trained children of those volunteering, typically ages 3-5. They participate in activities like crafts, nature walks, and other activities at your discretion. They are also the only group allowed on the fenced-in playground and to use the flush toilet located in the Scout Hut/craft building.

Scout Master

Like working with older children and teens? This is the job for you! We have many Scouts who volunteer their time and youthful energy throughout the week, and an adult who can help guide that energy is key! You would work with these volunteers and help them know where to be.

Substitute Den Leader / Helper where needed

Can you only volunteer one or more days? We are still very, very happy to have you! There’s always a need for someone who can step in when someone is sick or has a schedule conflict. Many hands make light work.

There are many other roles, such as Camp Director, Program Director, Health Officer and Shooting Sports Director that we have filled this year, but if you are interested in serving in one of these ways in the future, please let us know!