Throughout scouting, a scout will have a series of obstacles and steps to go through and overcome which is the advancement process. The Scout will be recognized and rewarded for each of their achievements. As they advance, it will build their confidence and earn their way to the next Rank.

There are advancement resources that Hightower Trail District will provide to help with the advancement process. They are listed as resources for the scouts and the leaders as the scout advances.

Cub Scouts

As a Cub Scout the advancements are based on the age of the scout. For that age there is a rank they will earn after earning the advancements for that age group. In the last year as a Cub Scout the rank is Arrow of Light (AOL) and is a rank that will, like Eagle Rank for the Scouts BSA, be shown as an adult as having completed.

Scouts BSA

Advancement for Scouts BSA is planned and worked on by the Scout themselves. Leaders will provide opportunities for the Scout to advance but it is their own initiative to work on and complete the activities to earn advancement. It is through the advancement earning ranks that the scout would eventually earn the highest rank of Eagle. Eagle like the Arrow of Light for Cub Scouts, is shown as an adult as having completed.