Golden Eagle Pledges for Hightower Trail District – 2023

We are in the final weeks of the year, and we have been celebrating the holidays as the year wraps up. We spent last month giving thanks and Hightower Trail District has a lot to be thankful for. Last year our District Chair (Kelli), District Commissioner (Margaret), District Executives (Raymond and Antonia), along with all the other volunteers of the district worked very hard to grow and strengthen Hightower Trail. We grew by 550 new scouts and brought back our Round Tables to help with program ideas, information on policy and events, and training opportunities. We also added a District Banquet and a District Camporee.
It was during Thanksgiving that I started to transition into my new position as District Chair along with Olas Scott as the new District Commissioner. We are excited about the new year and thankful for the work that our volunteers have done over the years. I hope to encourage even more of you to help the district by volunteering this year as we have many great things we want to do. We can only do it with your help. We are thankful for our family and our friends. Especially our Friends of Scouting who help the council by providing funds for our camps (Bert Adams, Woodruff, and Allatoona Aquatics Base), providing every youth in the metro area the opportunity for scouting, training for our volunteers, and so many more things throughout the council.

This week, Atlanta Area Council held their annual Golden Eagle Luncheon. This luncheon is for celebrating and thanking those who make Scouting possible by contributing and to submit their pledge for the coming year. This year, as a District, are proud to announce that we were able to raise $99,140.00. Thank you to those who were able to support Scouting in the Atlanta Area to be able to continue the Scouting effort of instilling values, building character, and making leaders.

Our plans for this year are to continue to strengthen our support to our units through activities like Round Table, District Camporee and provide resources that our units need. We are going to focus on having better communications in a timely manner using the commissioners, email newsletters, and District Website updates. We need your help by giving us feedback on what we are doing right and what we are doing wrong so we can get better.

Yours in Scouting,

Todd Martin

District Chairman
Hightower Trail District

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